Employees History

Employees History

Age Ratio

By Youth, With Youth, For Youth.
We can’t build future for the next generation but we can build our next generation for the future.” FDR. Serendipity Technology take a deep pride in providing our young with employment which allows to step forward and become a responsible member of our society. More than 68% of our employees are between the age of 18 to 25 and majority of our employees, even at key positions are less than 30 years old.


Employment with Serendipity is not only a desire for graduates of well-reputed national educational institutes but it a place of preference for many graduates of well-known international universities. Currently, 6.4 percent of employees are foreign graduates while 93.4 percent of the employees are graduated from various reputed institutes of the country.

Level of Education

Serendipity has highly qualified employees from reputable institutions around the world . We do believe in giving opportunities to fresh employees along with experienced professionals.

Major Fields

We have an employee pool with very diverse field of studies ranging from STEM to arts and commerce .That is what gives edge over other organizations especially when it come to different marketing strategies.

Institutional Record

We have graduates from universities all over the country ,we are not confined to one institution in one locality.

Gender Diversification

Being progressive and to bring the gender gap to minimum is one of our key goal. We are please that gender pay gap doesn’t exist in serendipity technology and we have many women in  key leading positions.

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